The following presentation, presented at the club introduction meeting, provides an overview of the club and an introduction for new members.
**New Member/Club Information Presentation**

The following presentations were created by club member Tara M. They are fantastic introductory resources. At a future date, they may be moved into separate pages, based on their content.

Rolling Bones Club Rules! (NEED FILE)

Helpful Links

New Hampshire 4-H (General)

New Hampshire 4-H Dog Project

ASPCA-Dog Care, Health, grooming,behavior tips, nutrition,etc

A website geared for children and their dogs (training,care, career information, tricks, all types of good information!)

You can often find your breed(or a breed simliar to your mixed breed) and watch them show- video of the breed competition. Each breed is shown a little different.

4-H Animal Approval Form (you must have this into the ext offices by the deadline to be able to show at any event in NH)